Migraine & Headache Solutions in Red Bank Offer Needed Comfort

Constant headaches, especially migraines, make each day a struggle. They can distract you from working and prevent you from spending valuable time with your family. You can stop the suffering with our migraine and headache solutions in Red Bank. Our dental team will:

  • Determine the underlying cause of your headaches
  • Create an individualized treatment plan to provide relief
  • Help you reduce the number and severity of your headaches
  • Provide you with simple and safe solutions
  • Restore your oral health and peace of mind

Dr. DiBona takes a total health approach to dentistry, and that’s why she offers headache and migraine help. Call our office today at 732-945-5343 to make an appointment.

Solve Your Headache Problem With Our Help

If you have unexplained headaches, it’s important for us to determine the cause. There are a few different reasons for your headaches, such as teeth grinding, sleep apnea, and even alignment issues in your teeth. We have several solutions based on what is causing your headaches, including:

  • Custom-Made Oral Appliance – If you have a TMJ disorder, or struggle with grinding your teeth, it can cause major stress on your jaw. This often results in recurring headaches and migraines. Dr. DiBona can provide you with a custom night guard or other oral appliance to add a barrier between your teeth and resolve your jaw pain and headaches.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment If you are suffering from sleep apnea, this disorder causes interruptions in your breathing while you sleep. This sometimes leads to headaches in addition to fatigue and other health issues. If Dr. DiBona suspects you have sleep apnea, she will have a sleep study performed to make a diagnosis and provide effective treatment. We can create an oral appliance to ensure that your breathing remains uninterrupted at night.
  • Orthodontics – If your teeth are not aligned properly, this can be another cause for your headaches. We offer orthodontic options that will straighten your teeth and give you relief.
  • Facial Relaxation Treatment – Dr. DiBona is certified to treat migraines and headaches with safe facial relaxation. These FDA-approved injections soothe jaw pain and alleviate migraine and headache pain while preventing their reoccurrence.

We want your pain to go away quickly, and we are prepared to make that happen so you can enjoy life again! For migraine and headache solutions in Red Bank, call our office today at 732-945-5343 or schedule an appointment online.