Eliminate Snoring in Red Bank With Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you are snoring in Red Bank, as well as dealing with other symptoms like daytime sleepiness or dry mouth, it may be a sign that you are suffering from sleep apnea. When you visit our office for treatment, we will provide a fast diagnosis so you can get a great night’s rest. Sleep appliances are often a common solution to this problem. They will:

  • Help you breathe comfortably throughout the night
  • Reduce other health problems related to sleep apnea, such as high blood pressure
  • Give you a restful sleep so you wake up refreshed
  • Stop your snoring so the rest of your household sleep better too

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Resolve Your Sleep Issues & Prevent Health Problems

No need to feel embarrassed if you are told you snore at night. You certainly are not alone! In fact, an estimated 22 million Americans suffer with this disorder. Sleep apnea can even affect kids as well as adults.  It can lead to serious problems later down the road if left untreated, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, and more.

Our treatment for this disorder looks like this:

  • Dr. DiBona will first examine you for any signs of the condition as well as review your medical history with you.
  • If necessary, she will order an at-home or off-site study. For the at-home study, you will be given a machine to wear that will monitor your sleeping habits. For the off-site study, Dr. DiBona will refer you to a specialist who performs the testing in a lab setting.
  • If the studies confirm you have sleep apnea, Dr. DiBona will have a custom-fit oral appliance made for you so you can wear it comfortably while you sleep. It will be less intrusive and far more convenient than a CPAP machine.

For help with snoring in Red Bank and other sleep apnea symptoms, call today at 732-945-5343 to schedule a consultation. You can also schedule online.