Strengthen Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Red Bank

Whether you are missing teeth or have damaged or decayed teeth, it’s important to get back your oral health. Dr. DiBona and her team want all of their patients to have a fully functioning smile. It’s essential to your health and your confidence! As your partner in dental care, our dental crowns and bridges in Red Bank will repair and protect your existing teeth or replace any that are missing. This will:

  • Stop the pain from broken, cracked, or decayed teeth
  • Give you a confident smile
  • Look completely natural with the rest of your teeth
  • Protect your teeth from further damage or infection

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Improve & Protect Your Smile With Crowns & Bridges

There’s no reason to feel embarrassed about needing to repair your teeth. In fact, a single crown is one of the most common restorative procedures. What matters most is that you are taking the necessary steps to improve your oral health. Here are the ways our crowns and bridges can benefit your smile:

  • Dental Crowns – If your tooth is damaged, decayed, or fractured, your dentist will provide you with a dental crown to cover your entire tooth and restore your smile’s beauty. We use BruxZir solid zirconia crowns, which are incredibly strong and chip-proof. They will look and shine like your natural teeth.
  • Dental Bridges – For one or more missing teeth in a row, we may suggest a bridge to “bridge” the gap where the missing tooth once was. A bridge consists of two dental crowns that cover the teeth on either side of the gap, and a solid crown or crowns connected to them to fill in the gap.
  • Implant-Supported Bridges – We can also create bridges that are attached to dental implants. These will be customized to match the rest of your smile and will remain firmly in place. We won’t have to modify any of your other teeth for this kind of bridge.

We can provide movie glasses with noise-canceling headphones, pillows, blankets, and more to help relieve your anxiety while we treat your smile. Once you have your new dental crowns or bridges, your dentist will tell you everything you need to know to keep them in great shape. With the proper maintenance, zirconia crowns and bridges can remain beautiful for many years.

For dental crowns and bridges in Red Bank, call our office at 732-945-5343 or schedule an appointment online.