Visit Us for Emergency Dental Care to Relieve Dental Pain in Red Bank

If you want to relieve dental pain in Red Bank, our office reserves time for same-day emergency appointments so you can find the relief you need. We take a total health dental approach that makes sure every aspect of your mouth receives proper care in order to restore your health. When you see us for your emergencies, you will find:

  • Extended hours to ensure we can meet your needs quickly
  • Effective local anesthesia to quickly numb your mouth
  • Comfort options that keep you relaxed, including movie glasses, blankets and pillows
  • Up-to-date technology that makes our procedures as painless as possible
  • Dentists trained in many restorative procedures

If you are dealing with a dental emergency, call our office immediately at 732-945-5343 for assistance.

Discover How Our Dental Services Eliminate Pain

A single problematic tooth can make life miserable. There are many reasons you may be experiencing tooth pain, from cavities to a tooth infection or even trauma. To help you get back to your life, and stop your dental discomfort, we may perform one of the following treatments:

  • Tooth Filling – If we determine you have a cavity, we’ll remove the decay and protect your tooth with a filling – without drilling in many cases.
  • Root Canal – Whenever possible, we like to avoid tooth extractions, and a root canal can do that! We use a rotary technology to remove the damaged pulp, which is far more comfortable and quicker than other methods.
  • Tooth Extraction – If necessary, we’ll extract any damaged teeth to relieve your pain. This is a quick process with minimal pain. When the procedure is complete, and you’ve had the chance to heal, we can replace your extracted teeth with dental implants or a dental bridge.

During your procedures, we’ll use a painless local anesthetic to numb your mouth so you don’t feel a thing. Once we’ve solved your current dental issue, we will recommend preventive dentistry services to make sure you don’t have to put up with unnecessary pain in the future. We offer thorough dental exams and cleanings to ensure your smile is as healthy as possible.

Call 732-945-5343 to schedule your appointment right away and relieve dental pain in Red Bank. With many years’ experience and a commitment to your total dental health, our dentists are fully prepared to restore your smile. If you don’t need a same-day appointment, you can also schedule an appointment online.