Naturally, we have a lot of conversations with our patients in November about Thanksgiving plans. We also have conversations about the connection between oral health and diabetes for American Diabetes Month this month – and all year round.

If you aren’t familiar with the oral-systemic connection, it’s a term to describe how your oral health is connected to your systemic (overall) health. Researchers have found inflammatory diseases like diabetes and gum disease, in particular, may improve by treating the inflammation. Diabetes also complicates the infection-fighting process, so it may worsen gum disease.

Thankfully, we can treat periodontal disease in several ways based on your unique situation:

  • Periodontal Maintenance
  • Deep Scaling and Planing
  • Medication and Antibiotics
  • Specialized Pastes and Rinses

If you have diabetes, you need a dental team who will work closely with you to prevent or manage gum disease. We’re happy to discuss the relationship between oral health and diabetes with you at your next visit. To schedule, call Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC today at 732-945-5343 or schedule online. In the meantime, check out this ADA video about overall and oral health.