If you had a cavity, where would you go for a dental filling? We know which dentist we would recommend to anyone living in or near Red Bank, NJ.

Dr. Denise DiBona, DDS, offers both tooth-colored and amalgam fillings along with a gentler approach to removing decay from your teeth.
Less than 7 percent of Americans will go through life without a cavity. We would love it if all our patients kept their teeth that healthy, but we are realistic, too.

We hope you will Make an appointment at our dentist office if the day comes when you do need a dental filling to treat your tooth decay.

Air Abrasion Before Your Dental Filling

If you will allow us a short aside, we know that dental anxiety is real. We also know that “the drill” is the source of anxiety for many patients.

We completely understand that. The drill is loud, and it can be painful. Even with local anesthetic, you can feel the drill vibrating against your teeth.

Dr. DiBona thinks there is a better way to remove tooth decay from your teeth. Air abrasion is much gentler but just as effect at preparing your tooth for a filling if you should develop a cavity.

Air abrasion is more like a miniature sandblaster. It’s powerful enough to do its job but gentle enough that it should not cause you any pain.

Using compressed air, Dr. DiBona will remove the tooth decay from your mouth. Unlike a drill, our air abrasion tools don’t come in direct contact with your mouth, and they don’t generate heat, either.

Once your tooth is prepared, we can fill your cavity.

Kinds Of Dental Fillings

We offer two kinds of dental fillings at our dentist office in Red Bank, NJ. Which filling you receive may depend on the location of your cavity and how much of your tooth has been damaged by tooth decay.

Here are your options:

✦ Amalgam fillings

This a kind of metal filling, and it is the most common type of dental filling used in modern dentistry.

Amalgam fillings are silver in color. They are nearly as durable as gold fillings (which are significantly more expensive), and they provide long-lasting protection for your teeth.

Like all fillings, they will wear down over time and need to be replaced. However, amalgam fillings will provide you with years of protection with proper care.

✦ Tooth-colored fillings

These are also called white fillings or composite fillings. Unlike metal filling, these you a composite resin to fill in the cavity created by tooth decay.

This is a great option if you have a metal allergy or if you have a cavity in one of the most visible teeth in your mouth.

A composite dental filling will fill the cavity and blend in with your smile. After the resin has hardened, most people won’t be able to tell where your tooth ends and the dental filling begins.

The may not last as long on average as an amalgam filling, but they can last for several years if you take care of your teeth.

If you have questions about either of our dental filling options, be sure you contact our dentist office in Red Bank, NJ. We will help you make the right decision when you come for your appointment.

How To Avoid Needing A Dental Filling

As we said earlier, we think it would wonderful if you never needed a dental filling.

Halloween will be here soon, and that means lots of candy. All that sugar could create a risk for cavities unless you take a few steps to protect your mouth.

First, remember to brush your teeth twice a day, to floss between your teeth and gums daily, and to visit our office for regular cleanings. All of these things are part of your first line of defense against tooth decay.

Second, limit how much candy you eat. This is a good idea all the time, but it’s particularly important when children are bringing home bags of candy.

You may want to decide in advance how much candy they can keep and agree not to eat more than one or two pieces of candy at a time.

Third, the best time to eat candy is right after a meal. You will be less tempted to eat too much, and the saliva you produced during the meal will make it easier to remove sugary particles from your teeth.

Come To See Us Whether You Need Dental Filling Or Not

Regular dental cleanings at our dentist office in Red Bank, NJ, can reduce the risk that you will develop cavities and identify tooth decay early when it’s easier to treat.

To make your next appointment, call Dr. DiBona’s office at 732-945-5343 or contact us with our online form.