When the tiny particles from your food and drinks attract bad bacteria inside your mouth, acids are generated and begin to stick to your teeth. This is the plaque you always hear about from your dental hygienist during routine cleanings and exams.

If that plaque builds up, it will start to eat away at your enamel, which is tooth decay. Eventually, it can wear a hole through your tooth enamel, otherwise known as a cavity.

Untreated, you may begin to notice increased sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, or worse, intense, throbbing pain in your jaw if the inside of your tooth becomes infected!

Tips For Tackling Tooth Decay

Don’t let that happen! Follow these tips from your friends at Denise DiBona, DDS for tackling tooth decay so that your kids can begin a new school year with healthy smiles!

*Take Stock Of Your Family’s Diet*

A big part of tackling tooth decay has to do with how you stock your kitchen.

Obviously, sugar is the real danger to your family’s teeth, so highly-processed snack foods, candy, soft drinks, and fruit juices should be scarce.

Make sure everyone is getting plenty of fiber instead!

A diet that’s high in fiber will help saliva production, which washes away food particles from your mouth naturally. It also helps to neutralize the harmful effects of acids from food, drinks, and bacteria that want to eat away at your teeth.

*Evaluate Your Child’s Oral Care Habits*

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day. If we took a closer look at how long our kids were brushing, chances are they aren’t following that rule.

Your child should also be flossing, and that can be challenging if they’re particularly young and still getting the hang of this whole oral hygiene routine.

You can help them along by using a fun app or timer so they can get into the habit of brushing for the proper length of time, and you can start them out with plastic flossers until they have a better handle on proper flossing technique.

*Visit Your Red Bank Dentist For Tooth-Colored Fillings*

Oral health problems are a common cause of school absences for kids, and that means valuable instruction time lost. Part of that could be associated with the dental pain that comes with tooth decay, and part of it has to do with having to miss school for dentist appointments to get cavities and other issues treated.

Bring them to your Red Bank dentist before school starts so they don’t have to worry about that!

We can provide easy treatment for cavities thanks to our painless drill-free technology. Not only can we remove the decay and seal up the cavity, but we can use a tooth-colored filling that blends in naturally with the rest of their teeth.

They can begin a brand new year without a toothache, decay, or a cavity and have a fresh, healthy smile for fall semester.

Call TODAY For An Appointment!

Don’t let the kids start a new school year with cavities!

Bring them to see Dr. DiBona and our team for seamless, tooth-colored fillings so they’ll have healthy, bright smiles when they go back to school!

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