A lot of time goes into getting the kids ready for the upcoming school year. You want your kids to be fully prepared for a smooth transition to the next grade or even next school. That includes making sure your kids look their best, whether with a new wardrobe (how fast can they grow out of last year’s?), a new haircut, or a new pair of glasses.

Your kids’ smiles play a role in their appearance, too. Let Dr. DiBona, Dr. Reff, or Dr. Maiman boost your kids’ health and confidence with back-to-school cleanings. We take these regular checkups seriously to make sure nothing is overlooked. (Don’t worry – we’re a fun, kid-friendly office, so your kids will feel comfortable!)

At their hygiene visits, we’ll:

  • Visually examine their teeth, gums, jawbone, bite (how their teeth fit together), and their mouth as a whole
  • Use digital X-rays and intraoral cameras (which most kids think are cool) to check for problems the naked eye can’t detect
  • Discuss any problems we find and recommend treatment, such as tooth-colored fillings for cavities, orthodontics for misaligned teeth, and wisdom teeth removal if needed
  • Perform meticulous yet gentle dental cleanings to remove all traces of bad bacteria
  • Educate your children on oral hygiene, including good brushing techniques
  • Administer fluoride treatments or put sealants on back teeth for extra decay defense
  • Fit your kids who play sports with custom mouthguards
  • Answer any questions and address concerns, like bad breath
  • Give helpful nutritional counseling if your kids are prone to decay

We make dental care easy for busy families with our dental savings plan, comprehensive care under one roof, prizes, and movie glasses to keep your kids occupied. To schedule back-to-school cleanings, call Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC today at 732-945-5343 or schedule online.

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