If your tooth hurts, you’ll want to see us as soon as possible. We’ll ease your pain and fix your problem before it becomes more serious. We’ll see you on the same day for a dental emergency. In many cases, a painful tooth means you have a cavity or an infection. The remedy will be a root canal or filling.

Cavities and infected teeth often start the same way, with decay. A cavity affects only the enamel on the outside of your tooth. If decay gets inside, the pulp inside your tooth will become infected. Left untreated, infection will result in the loss of your tooth. Plus, infection can sometimes spread, causing even worse problems.

We’ll return your smile to health with a tooth filling or dental crown for a cavity. If your tooth is infected, one of our dentists can fix it with a root canal.

Call our Red Bank, NJ office ASAP at 732-945-5343 for a same-day appointment. Our dentists will quickly evaluate you and repair your tooth.

In the meantime, here are some ways you may be able to determine if you need a root canal or filling:

  • Pain – In both cases you will experience discomfort, especially when biting down or otherwise putting pressure on your tooth. The pain is usually worse with an infected tooth. If your tooth is infected, your gums will often feel painful as well.
  • Temperature Sensitivity – Again, your tooth may be sensitive to heat or cold with either a cavity or infection. The sensitivity tends to linger for a longer time if your tooth is infected.
  • Outward Appearance – If you have a cavity, you may be able to see a dark spot or hole on your tooth. With infection, the entire tooth may be discolored. Your gums also may be swollen or you may see a bump on your gum near the hurting tooth.

You should also see us ASAP if you crack or break a tooth, as these injuries make it easy for bacteria to get inside your tooth. Whether you have a cavity or an infected tooth, the sooner you seek help the better.

If you’re in pain or notice any of the other symptoms mentioned above, call us right away at 732-945-5343. In most cases, we’ll be able to offer you a same-day appointment.