Greetings Red Bank! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC. We hope the fall is treating you well. Halloween season is once again in full-swing. There’s haunted houses to visit, scary movies to watch, and time with family to enjoy.

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing a turkey into the oven for Thanksgiving. Or maybe you’ll even try and deep fry it. Then after your turkey coma, you’ll wake up and start decorating the Christmas tree.

It’s easy and fun to get caught up in the fun of the holidays. But think about all the photos that are going to be snapped at all the Halloween parties, at Thanksgiving dinner, and around the table for winter holidays.

Are you proud of your smile? Are you confident enough to show off your pearly whites for the flash of the camera? If you’re embarrassed by your smile, you’re certainly not alone. At Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC, we take great pride in our cosmetic dentistry options.

We have have you looking great, and ready to smile for all your holiday photos. If you want your teeth to look great in no time at all, we have services that are very quick. Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent way to prepare your smile for the next level, and get you closer to the appearance you desire and deserve.

Perhaps you’re embarrassed by stains or yellow teeth. You may be considering whitening products to make your teeth as white as the snow. You may even visit the local drug store and attempt to find whitening products to use. There’s an overwhelming amount of products available.

But there’s a sad truth about over-the-counter whitening products; they’re not very strong and they can take a long time to be effective. Because the solution is weaker, often times people end up using too much of it in an attempt to keep the smile they want. This can lead to irritated gums and other dental problems down the line.

But professional teeth whitening is different. Our products are prescription strength, that means they work faster to give you the results you want. Best of all, you don’t have to suffer through painful gum irritation in the interim. If you really want to change your smile, be sure and ask about our Teeth Whitening for Life program.

But if you’re teeth need more than just whitening, we can also help you out. We offer Lumineer dental veneers. Lumineers are thin porcelain shells which are ponded to your natural teeth; they require less prep time than traditional veneers and look great. Veneers can correct deeply discolored teeth, misshapen teeth, or even close small gaps in between your teeth. Lumineers can be applied in just two appointments, meaning you’ll look great in no time.

Whatever your cosmetic dentistry needs may be, we can provide solutions for your smile. Don’t wait another day to have the smile that you’ve always wanted. Life’s too short to be ashamed of your smile.

So contact our office today to schedule an appointment. You can reach our office to ask questions or schedule an appointment by calling 732-945-5343. The office of Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC is proud to serve the residents of Red Bank, NJ and the surrounding area.