Stopping the Spread of Tooth Decay

Greeting Red Bank, NJ! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog from the office of Denise DiBona, DDS. Do you know how to stop the spread of tooth decay? Here at our office we painlessly fill a lot of cavities. Cavities are the most common form of tooth decay, and are no reason to panic. But preventing cavities can be even easier than filling them. For that reason, we want to share some ...

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Smile Wider with Professional Teeth Whitening

Greetings Red Bank! Welcome back to the on-going blog of Denise DiBona, DDS. We hope you’re surviving this summer heat and enjoying the remaining time before fall begins in earnest. Today we’re going to talk about a subject that is very important to your smile: the whiteness of your teeth. What do you do to keep your teeth white? You may brush twice a day, for three minutes at a time as the ...

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Welcome to Our Comfortable Office: Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC

Welcome to Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC! We are proud that you have chosen us to become your new dental care provider, and we are excited to work with you. Dr. DiBona is committed to providing you with some of the best dentistry in Red Bank and the surrounding area. Our dental staff focuses on superior customer service, helping you through your dental appointment, and improving your overall beauty and ...

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