If you’ve been living with some missing teeth or even if you have no teeth, now you can have the strongest and most natural-looking replacement teeth thanks to dental implants. Dr. Denise DiBona in Red Bank, NJ is proud to offer implants for people who want to be able to smile again with confidence and eat all the foods they love. If you think that can’t happen for you, read on!

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is a small screw, usually made of titanium, that is inserted into the bone where a tooth has gone missing. The bone naturally fuses to the implant and holds it just as securely as one of your natural tooth roots.

In fact, the implant functions as a tooth root, transmitting the pressure of chewing into the bone. The stimulation helps keep the bone strong and healthy.

An abutment connects to the implant and the dental restoration – which can be a single solid crown, a dental bridge, or a full arch of dentures – is secured to the abutment. Bridges and dentures will likely need more than one implant depending on the current state of your teeth.

Implant-supported and implant-retained dentures absolutely will not slip, slide, or pop out of the mouth unexpectedly. Best of all, these natural-looking teeth replacements return almost all of your original chewing power! You can eat a thick, juicy steak with pleasure and without having to chew, and chew, and chew.

The Process

When you consult Dr. Denise DiBona at our Red Bank, NJ dental practice, she’ll begin by performing a thorough examination of your mouth including digital X-rays. The single most important consideration in whether a person can have implants is the strength and thickness of the bone that will support the implant.

When a tooth is lost, the bone no longer receives the stimulation it needs to stay healthy, and it begins to slowly deteriorate. If that has happened to you, all is not lost! Dr. DiBona can strengthen your bone through a process known as bone grafting. The additional bone will need some time to fuse together before your implants can proceed.

Some people who don’t have enough bone to support larger, traditional implants can receive mini-implants. So don’t think that just because a tooth or teeth have been missing for a long time that you can’t receive implants.

Considerable planning goes into the placement of your implants. Once everything is ready, the implant or implants will be placed. Depending on the type of implant used, there may be a healing period before your mouth is ready for replacement teeth.

Once the implants are ready, she’ll attach the abutment and then secure your strong and natural-looking crown, bridge, or denture.

You Don’t Have To Live With Missing Teeth

Smile with confidence, eat all the foods you love, and enjoy life again! Dental implants from Dr. Denise DiBona in Red Bank, NJ can make those things a reality for your.

To schedule a consultation, call Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC at 732-945-5343.