In our Red Bank, NJ dentist’s office, we have a great short-term orthodontic treatment method that works for teens and adults alike. It’s called Invisalign.

While we still offer classic metal braces, for some folks this alternative orthodontic program is much more appealing. Whether you are exploring Invisalign for your teen or for yourself, keep reading and then be sure to get in touch to schedule an orthodontic consultation with Dr. DiBona. With a new year approaching, this is the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey!

Your Lifestyle Won’t Have To Change

There are many advantages to Invisalign. Invisalign employs a series of clear, virtually invisible plastic aligners to correct misaligned teeth without attracting any unwanted attention from your peers.

Invisalign gear is not only discreet, it is also removable. Unlike regular braces, with Invisalign you get to switch your aligners out at home every two weeks to keep the process on track. Since there won’t be any mandatory monthly in-office adjustments, Invisalign doesn’t feel like it is stealing your free-time in the same way that a typical orthodontic treatment would.

You can even take your aligners out for meals and snacks, which means they won’t be able to trap food particles like metal braces. As such, you won’t ever have to forego the foods that you love to eat. Plus, you won’t need any special tools for cleaning.

Invisalign Aligners Are Easy To Maintain

We’ve been around long enough to know that both you and your teenager will love the way Invisalign makes the process easy. All you have to do to clean your gear is remove your clear braces, rinse them under lukewarm water, and pop them back in when you are through. You also just keep brushing and flossing your teeth just like you always have.

Parents Can Hold Teens Accountable

If you are exploring Invisalign for your teen, rather than yourself, you will have special concerns. As a parent, Dr. DiBona knows all too well that orthodontic treatment is a significant investment of your time and money. That’s why she is happy to report that the teen version of Invisalign has come equipped with a special feature to allow you to hold your teen accountable for following the directions.

Instead of spying on them or nagging them about following through, all you have to do is check their equipment. Here’s the deal: when the aligners are worn properly, a small blue dot on the back of the aligners will slowly disappear. This will let you know that everything is still moving along according to our master plan. That way no precious time will be lost.

The Transformation Happens Fast

Invisalign treatment typically wraps up in about a year, which is faster than the 2-3 years regular braces would likely require. When we are through with you, the health and appearance of your teen’s smile (or your own smile) will be better than ever.

Get Started Today!

Our Red Bank, NJ dentist’s office is ready when you are! To schedule your orthodontics appointment with Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC, please call our office at 732-945-5343 or contact us online today! There couldn’t be a better time to get started on a better smile!