After nearly three decades of serving families, Dr. DiBona has helped countless children improve their smiles. Our Red Bank, NJ family dentist knows that some kids are scared of the dentist before they even step foot in a dentist’s office! At your child’s first dental visit, we work hard to keep kiddos from being scared. Our team are pros at making kids (and their parents!) feel safe, welcomed, and comfortable here. That’s why so many patients “grow up” in our office!

Read more to find out how we go the extra mile to help your kids. Then call our office at 732-945-5343 to set up their first visit. You’re welcome to set up a visit and bring your little one with you, too!

Choose a Family Dentist Committed to Your Child’s Comfort

Here are just a few ways we keep children comfortable.

Bright, clean office. Anyone – adults included – can be afraid of the dentist simply because the office is dark and looks clinical. Not here. We keep our office bright and welcoming with window light, plants, pictures and paintings, and even an aquarium (a favorite of the kids!). Our office is also spacious, so you and your children won’t ever feel claustrophobic.

Technology. Kids may not remember the old-fashioned film X-rays, but chances are you will. Our digital X-rays are much quicker and don’t use film, so that means less time getting the images and no discomfort. Many our of youngest patients also think our intraoral camera is pretty neat. We can put this tiny camera inside their mouth and project it onto a screen so they can see what’s inside!

Amenities. To help kids relax during treatment, we have movie glasses, headphones, and even pillows and blankets. Let them feel like they’re just watching a favorite program like they would at home, and you’d be amazed at how fast they’ll feel comfortable!

Prizes! We think dental care is important enough to reward kids for. So, kids get a special certificate when they’ve completed their visit. They also get to pick a prize from our toy box!

Choose a Family Dentist Who Is Committed to Convenience

We don’t expect you to have to see different dentists for different family members. We offer comprehensive dentistry for the whole crew here! Here are just some of our offerings for kids:

Cleanings and exams. When your child is really young, we may just count their teeth and look for signs of cavities. (Yes, even babies and toddlers can get cavities!) When they’re old enough, we’ll start doing thorough dental cleanings and exams twice a year. We promise to be gentle! And we’re great at handling kids who ask questions or have reservations.

Sealants and fluoride. Almost half of kids ages 2 to 11 have cavities. Let us check for these regularly and provide quick, inexpensive preventive dentistry treatments like fluoride and sealants to help prevent tooth decay.

Tooth-colored fillings. If your children do need fillings, they don’t have to be embarrassed thanks to our white tooth fillings. These composite fillings also cause less discomfort when placed than metal fillings do.

Thumb-sucking and teething solutions. We have training to help provide solutions to problems unique to babies and toddlers. Feel free to ask about thumb sucking or teething at your child’s first appointment.

Orthodontics. We like to assess children for orthodontics issues by age 7. That way, we can recommend early orthodontic intervention if we notice any problems that can be solved best when kids are young. Doing so can even reduce time in braces later or prevent some orthodontic problems altogether.

Make your child’s first dental visit the best it can be. Call 732-945-5343 now to schedule an appointment with our Red Bank, NJ dentist. You can also use our online form.