Sometimes we force ourselves to ignore our own problems because we’re so busy caring for everyone around us.

It can be hard to stop what we’re doing and tend to our own needs, especially if you have kids, friends, or co-workers who are all depending on you for one reason or another.

But ignoring something like dental pain, for example, will only make the source of the problem worse and more difficult to fix.

That’s why your friends at Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC are reminding you to count on us when you’re facing a painful dental problem that needs immediate attention!

Find The Source Of Your Dental Pain!

Here are three questions that get to the heart of the most common reasons you might experience dental pain throughout your lifetime and what your Red Bank dentist can do to fix it:

Is It A Dental Injury?

It makes sense to start with the most obvious reason you’re in pain.

You have a dental injury!

A broken or knocked-out tooth can be pretty painful, depending on the extent and nature of your injury. A damaged tooth can also face infection or future fractures because of its weakened, vulnerable state. Even microscopic cracks can be an open door for bad bacteria!

We can repair injured teeth, or replace missing teeth, with our wide selection of tooth-colored, lifelike dental restorations and dental implant solutions to keep your smile healthy, functional, and beautiful!

Is It An Infected Tooth?

One dental problem you should never ignore is pain.

Not only is it totally unnecessary for you to suffer, thanks to the many ways your Red Bank can relieve the discomfort, but an intense toothache is often a sign of infection.

And if that infection gets into your bloodstream, you’ll have a serious problem on your hands!

Don’t delay!

If you’re experiencing dental pain, call us right away so we can arrange for an emergency appointment. One of the things we will check for is an infection, and if we find it, we’ll take swift action to end your pain and rid your mouth of any bacteria that’s destroying the vulnerable tissues inside your tooth.

After that, we can seal the tooth with a dental crown so bacteria won’t get back inside and reinfect it.

Is It A Failing Dental Restoration?

Dental restorations, like crowns or fillings, will last many years, but not an eternity.

So it’s possible that the cause of your dental pain is an old restoration that should probably be replaced.

We provide painless drill-free air abrasion to treat decayed teeth and fill cavities so you don’t have to feel anxious about taking care of the problem.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also replace old silver fillings with tooth-colored fillings in our Red Bank dental office, which means no more dark spots in your smile!

Get Dental Treatment Now!

Don’t risk your oral health or suffer the pain of an infected or injured tooth.

Visit your Red Bank dentist so we can get to the source of the problem and treat it quickly and effectively!

For an appointment at Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC, call us today at 732-945-5343 or fill out our online form.