If you’re looking forward to a Fourth of July celebration or backyard barbecue with your loved ones this year, you can’t fully enjoy it if you have loose dentures.

While everyone else is chomping down steak or corn on the cob, you’re stuck eating all the soft, bland food. Sure, baked beans and banana pudding are great, but not psychologically when you know that’s all you can eat – at least comfortably or without chopping it into tiny pieces.

Sound familiar? If so, this is your life constantly. You may be so used to compromising at meals that it’s normal for you. But it shouldn’t be normal for anyone. Teeth that work well, that you can show off without embarrassment, that let you talk easily, are a right, not a privilege.

If you want to get back to a normal life without thinking about your teeth, consider dental implants. When your replacement teeth are attached to implants, they won’t slide around, fall out, or make clacking sounds. For many people, they’re as good as or better than their real teeth.

Don’t let loose dentures steal your basic freedoms to enjoy life and all its reasons to celebrate, big or small. Take our quiz to see if you can gain independence with implants. To schedule a free new patient consultation or free second opinion, call Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC today at 732-945-5343. You can also schedule online.