Dental caries.

Tooth decay.

No matter what you call them, they are a sign that your teeth are in trouble. You need to fix the problem as soon as possible.

In the past, the process could be a little painful, and the end result made it pretty obvious that you had work done on your teeth.

Denise DiBona, DDS, doesn’t want you or any of her patients to feel embarrassed about their smiles. She also doesn’t need a needle or a shot to fix this kind of problem.

Instead, our patients in and around Red Bank, NJ, can get tooth-colored fillings with air abrasion cleaning techniques.

Why People Get Fillings

The most likely reason you will need a filling it because you have a cavity. It’s better if you can avoid cavities, but most people will have at least one in their lifetime.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 92 percent of Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 have had at least one cavity.

Perhaps more troublesome, the NIDCR also reported that around 1 in 4 adults have an untreated cavity. This is not a good thing.

It’s also a good reminder of why you should make regular appointments for cleanings at our office. You may not recognize the early stages of cavity formation, but our dental professionals have ways of detecting them.

Besides tooth decay, you made need a filling for a few other reasons.

If you have a tooth with a minor crack or break, then a filling may be the easiest way to fix that problem. Fillings also may be used to repair teeth that are worn down from biting your nails or from grinding your teeth together.

Air Abrasion Cleaning

You won’t have to worry about getting a shot to numb your tooth in our office. We use air abrasion instead. Patients who have a fear of needles will appreciate this method.

This is a different way of removing the tooth decay and preparing your decayed tooth to receive a filling.

We use a special tool that aims compressed air into your tooth. This blast of air removes the decay. We then use suction to remove it from your mouth.

This is a particularly effective technique when we find tooth decay early in its development. (Again, this is a good reminder to visit us regularly for cleanings and examinations.)

Types Of Fillings

When we place a filling for one of our patients, our preference is to use white or tooth-colored fillings.

These fillings are durable and more attractive than amalgam fillings.

If you’ve had tooth decay, then you know the infection can change the color of your tooth. The decayed area can appear yellower or darker than the rest of your tooth.

After the decay is removed, your tooth can look as good as new with our white fillings. This will match the natural appearance of your teeth, making it less obvious which of your teeth had a cavity.

We do provide amalgam fillings upon request.

Amalgam fillings are what you may have heard described as metal fillings. Amalgam fillings are made with a combination of copper, mercury, silver, and tin.

These kinds of fillings are effective at filling in the damaged parts of your teeth, but they also leave your teeth looking shiny for a different reason.

Amalgam fillings are silver in appearance, which makes it pretty clear which of your teeth had a cavity.

Cavity Prevention

The best way to avoid needing a filling is to take care of your teeth.

This starts at home, but our office is here to help, too. Just remember to follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association.

You need to brush your teeth two times every day. You should brush for two minutes each time. This is plenty of time to scrub all your teeth thoroughly on all sides to remove as many of the cavity-causing bacteria as you can.

It’s also important to floss your teeth every day. Your toothbrush can’t clean between your teeth or under your gumline. Dental floss can get into those tight spaces to remove small pieces of food, plaque buildup, and bacteria.

Last, but not least, visit the office of Denise DiBona, DDS, at least twice a year for routine cleanings and exams. The staff at our dentist office in Red Bank, NJ, is ready and willing to help you keep your mouth as healthy as possible.

Don’t let cavities take away your smile. Make an appointment today by calling 732-945-5343 or by filling out our online form.