There’s so much that goes into preparing for events this time of year. From buying gifts to making shopping lists to organizing everything on your calendar, it can be hectic. It can also be easy to forget doing something for yourself while everyone else is on your mind. That includes getting a beautiful smile from Dr. Denise DiBona!

It may not be too late to make small improvements to your smile so you can grin broadly in all the family holiday photos. For example, a simple teeth whitening treatment can do wonders for a dazzlingly bright smile! And you just wear the trays at home at your convenience – while you’re looking up that recipe or watching a Christmas movie with the family.

Spend a minute to take our quiz and see if we can help. Get a better smile soon or at least for the upcoming year’s holidays by calling our Red Bank, NJ dentist at 732-945-5343 now. Don’t forget your end-of-year cleaning for that polished look!