We’ve come quite a long way with regard to what restorative dentistry can do.

Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the story of Clarence Blethen. He was a professional baseball player back in 1923.

Although he was 30 years old, he wore dentures, which he would remove whenever he pitched (in an effort to see more intimidating). When he took his dentures out, he would put them in his back pocket.

During one game, Blethen was trying to stretch a hit into a double when he slid hard into second base. He’d forgotten about his dentures, and his dentures “bit” a piece out of his behind. He had to be pulled from the game because of the serious injury he suffered.

If Blethen was alive today, we’d encourage him to visit the office of Denise DiBona, DDS, LLC in Red Bank, NJ. We could help him get implant-supported dentures that would stay in place whether he was racing for second or eating a meal after the game.

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Implants are a Game-Changer

In sports, people are always looking for a way to gain an edge on the competition.

Dick Fosbury became the best high jumper in the world because of what was at the time his unique “flop” over the bar. Today’s it’s the technique that’s used by elite high jumpers all over the world.

In dentistry, game-changing innovations are intended to improve the lives of our patients. It’s undeniable that dental implants were a giant step forward.

Today’s athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than they’ve ever been. They have the benefit of the collected wisdom of all the athletes who have come before them as well as a better understanding of how to training to be the best they can at their sports of choice.

Implants make dental restorations including dentures, bridges, and crowns more stable and secure. This also makes them more powerful, so they look and feel like real teeth when you get them.

Implants Don’t Retire

As every athlete learns, you can compete at a professional level forever. Our bodies wear down over time. No matter how much someone trains and practices, he or she probably won’t have the same strength and endurance at 45 years old that he or she had at 25.

That’s part of life.

However, your implants won’t quit on you. With proper care, your dental implants can last the rest of your life!

That means you can continue eating the foods that you love, which is also great for your overall health. Implants give you the power to eat anything from healthy vegetables and fruits to high-protein favorites like steak and chicken.

This is important both so you can keep enjoying your meals, but also so you can get the nutrition you need to stay as healthy as you can be as you get older. (Hey, it happens to all of us.)

Implants are Convenient, Too

One of the most common complaints we hear from long-time denture wearers is how uncomfortable they can be.

This isn’t surprising. Traditional dentures rest over your gums (that is, when you aren’t keeping them in your back pocket or somewhere else). They aren’t connected to your jawbone in any way.

Without getting into all the details, that lack of connection allows your jawbone to shrink, which can alter the shape of your mouth. That affects how well — or rather, how poorly — dentures fit. As a result, they can start rubbing you the wrong way and coming loose more and more frequently. This is both uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Implants are placed into your jawbone. When dentures (or bridges or crowns) are attached, this creates a direct connection between your new “teeth” and your jaw. That helps to keep your jaw healthy, so it doesn’t shrink. It also anchors your dentures in position so you can bite, chew, and speaks with confidence that they will stay right where they should be.

Save Your Smile (& Your Behind)

With implants, you won’t have to carry your “teeth” in your pocket. Instead, you can have dentures that look, feel, and function as well as a set of healthy teeth (for all practical purposes).

To find out how you or someone you love can get dental implants, call Dr. DiBona’s office in Red Bank, NJ at 732-945-5343 to request an appointment. You also can contact us online.

Don’t put your smile or your rear at risk with loose-fitting dentures. Implants can do more for your mouth for decades to come!