Chewing gum with sugar is never good for your teeth; however, there are many oral health benefits to chewing sugar-free gum. Before you start your gum-chewing habit, you’ll want to look for gum sweetened with xylitol with the ADA seal of approval. Then, once you get started, here are a few benefits you can expect:

  • Your saliva production increases.

Saliva plays an important role in your dental health! When you chew gum regularly, it increases the saliva in your mouth. Chewing gum during the cold weather or when using a heater can help you avoid dry mouth, which can lead to an increase in oral health issues. 

  • It removes food particles from your teeth.

When you’ve just finished a meal, you may be tempted to go bush your teeth. But resist the urge! Brushing your teeth too soon after you eat can harm your tooth enamel. Instead, grab a piece of gum. Not only will it freshen your breath but you’ll remove the food particles that stick to your teeth when you eat. 

  • It freshens your breath

If you struggle with chronic bad breath, chewing mint gum can be an excellent way to keep that problem at bay. However, there are a variety of reasons for bad breath. So if the problem persists, reach out for an appointment. You may be struggling with a tooth infection or gum disease.

  • You may notice a reduction in acid reflux.

If you deal with acid reflux, your teeth are at risk. When the acid comes into your mouth, your tooth enamel can erode over time. As you chew gum it increases saliva production, and as a result, you are swallowing more saliva. Thanks to this increase in activity, you are soothing the symptoms of acid reflux and keeping harmful acids away from your teeth.

  • You may reduce your risk of cavities.

When you chew sugar-free gum, your saliva production brings with it calcium and phosphate. These two minerals increase the strength of your tooth enamel. Plus, because saliva buffers the acids from foods and beverages you have consumed, it offers further protection. In fact, a study recently showed that regular gum chewing can reduce your risk for cavities.

Of course, chewing sugar-free gum shouldn’t be a replacement for visiting the dentist. Also, if you have TMJ problems or chronic migraines, you may actually increase the pain in your jaw by chewing gum. We encourage you to schedule a visit if you have specific questions about your oral health.

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