A CPAP machine is a commonly prescribed treatment for sleep apnea. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to adjust to using a CPAP. At Denise DiBona, DDS, many of our patients stop snoring and find relief from their sleep apnea symptoms with a sleep appliance

Like the CPAP, an oral appliance helps you breathe easily throughout the night by ensuring your airway stays open while you sleep. The CPAP uses a stream of pressurized air for this purpose, while an appliance simply moves your jaw slightly forward – enough to clear your airway. 

To see if an appliance can help you, call 732-945-5343 today to schedule a consultation in our Red Bank, NJ office. If necessary, we can help you arrange for a sleep study. In the meantime, see some reasons our patients are happy with their sleep appliances:

  • Less Distracting – Both you and your bed partner may be a little put off by the mask over your face and tubing that connects your mask to the machine. An appliance fits inside your mouth similar to a sports mouthguard. Your bed partner may not notice it at all! 
  • More Comfortable – The CPAP’s constant stream of air can dry out your mouth and throat. Most people find an oral appliance quite comfortable to wear, and you won’t wake up with a dry mouth. 
  • Less Complicated – All you need is your appliance for a restful night’s sleep. With a CPAP, you’ll need electricity or batteries to power it and distilled water to maintain the proper air pressure.
  • Easy to Use on the Road – Unlike a CPAP, it couldn’t be easier to use a sleep appliance when you travel. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket, so it’s simple to transport. And since no special supplies are needed, you can use it anywhere. 

To schedule a sleep apnea consultation at Denise DiBona, DDS, call 732-945-5343.