You want a dentist who treats you warmly, like a good friend or member of the family. You value the knowledge and experience gained in almost thirty years of practice. And you are looking for someone who stays up to date with the latest in dental technology — which you realize not only results in better clinical care, but enhances the patient experience. (No-drill fillings? Sign me up!)

If you live in the vicinity of Red Bank, NJ, call Denise DiBona at 732-945-5343 to schedule an appointment and see for yourself how positive a dental visit can be.

1) We Care About Patient Comfort

Dr. DiBona has designed her office and procedures to make patients, including children, at ease through the entire visit.

  • Technologically advanced equipment and techniques — like digital X-rays and no-drill, no-shot air-abrasion cavity treatments — are less invasive than traditional methods.
  • We offer many amenities to keep our patients comfortable: movie glasses, noise-cancelling headphones, sunglasses to tame bright lights, blankets, and neck pillows.
  • A focus on early intervention for children diminishes the need for more extensive dental work later on.
  • Kids are rewarded after each visit with a certificate and a chance to pick something from the toy box.
  • Our friendly and professional staff members are experts at reassuring nervous patients.

2) Good Dental Care Is Good Health Care

Denise DiBona has a unique approach to her practice that’s grounded in a solid understanding of how oral health is linked to overall well-being.

  • Early intervention, or preventive, orthodontics for children catch issues early for the best possible outcomes.
  • An emphasis on meticulous gum care not only keeps teeth healthy and intact, but recognizes the connection between diseased gums and diabetes and heart disease.
  • Treatment of snoring and sleep apnea offers her patients a much-improved quality of life, plus decreases their risk of accidents and multiple systemic health problems.

3) Transforming Kids’ Smiles Early On

Crooked teeth and poor bites are not just a cosmetic issue (though, of course, how a child’s smile looks is a legitimate concern too). They can actually interfere with his or her ability to speak clearly and chew correctly. Early intervention orthodontics can catch these problems early on and prepare a kid’s mouth for future treatments. If, after a thorough examination, Dr. DiBona determines your 4- to 12-year-old is a good candidate for early intervention orthodontics, she will thoroughly explain options, the process, and time frame.

  • Arch expansion and development: this treatment expands your child’s arches even as their jaws are still growing. It prevents overcrowding and decreases the likelihood that your child will need to have teeth extracted. It also helps to keep airways free and gives teeth the space they need to grow properly.
  • Dentofacial orthopedics: Dr. DiBona has received specialized training in understanding and monitoring the growth of kids’ faces and jaws. This helps her develop orthodontic treatment plans when the time is right.

4) Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that severely impacts quality of life and that can even lead to death. A person with sleep apnea will stop breathing multiple times per night, usually due to excess soft tissue at the back of the throat causing a blockage. Sleep apnea is wildly underdiagnosed, with an estimated 80% of sufferers being completely unaware that they have it. Symptoms may include:

  • Snoring
  • Morning dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Constant nighttime awakenings, often with a jolt
  • Mood swings
  • Daytime exhaustion and inability to focus

If these symptoms apply to you, it’s imperative you make an appointment with Dr. DiBona as soon as possible. Sleep apnea is connected with myriad health problems including type 2 diabetes, heart failure, stroke, and high blood pressure. Poor sleep quality and exhaustion make people with sleep apnea much more likely to be involved in car accidents. Also, loud snoring interferes with the sleep of partners, too!

If you think you may have sleep apnea, call Dr. DiBona at 732-945-5343 to schedule a consultation. If the results of an examination and/or sleep study indicate you do have the condition, she will design a custom plan to improve your sleep — and overall health.

5) Need Help Stat? We’re Here for Your Emergency.

Experiencing dental pain? A loose tooth? A cracked, chipped, or knocked-out tooth? Call Dr. DiBona’s office at 732-945-5343 for your non-life-threatening emergency and she will fit you in that very same day — she guarantees it. Of course, we are fully aware that emergencies don’t always occur at the most convenient times or during business hours. If you need to get in touch with us overnight, you will be a connected with a real person ready to help.

Call Dr. DiBona’s Red Bank, NJ office at 732-945-5343 to make an appointment for yourself or anyone in your family. You can also contact us through our web form.